Working the Room – the secrets to successful networking

Become really comfortable at conferences, seminars, business showcases and exhibitions with the skills to make real contacts that convert to business opportunities.

Some people turn up at a function and effortlessly work the room – chatting, waving, smiling; meeting everyone they need to within the space of an hour.  How do they do it?  This workshop practically demonstrates the art of making new business and other contacts with ease.

team work at conference workshop

At the end of the session, you will be confident and be able to work a room like a professional.

How to engage a stranger

Why you shouldn’t introduce yourself

The art of avoiding “Where did you park the car?” conversations

How to remember names

How to ask for a business card, with style

How to get away from someone, without giving offence

The Name, Fame, Game, Same approach to conversation

Working the Room gives you the skills to make great contacts and to promote your business in an interesting and memorable way.

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