You have talked all your life; you answer questions every day; you have attended hundreds of meetings; and you’ve been appointed or volunteered to be a spokesperson on many occasions.  

So why do you need training to do the same thing live on air?

Because the game goes very fast, the goalposts keep moving,  and nerves, or unfamiliarity, or pressure make it very hard to score!

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Media interview training shows you how to plan your strategy and deliver your message in a calm, confident and memorable way. It helps you to understand the journalist’s game plan, and allows you to respond with an effective one of your own.

The training session will be a highly intensive, practical workshop delivered in a morning or afternoon session.

⊕ Why you will improve 100% with this training

⊕ Coping with nerves

⊕ Taking control

⊕ Getting your message across

⊕ Dealing with crossfire

⊕ Having the last word

⊕ Is the media out to trip you up

⊕ Making a positive start

⊕ Handling interruptions

⊕ Being memorable

⊕ Giving quotable quotes

Media interview training is the difference between a mediocre performance, and a really strong one that draws a great reaction from colleagues and friends.

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