Writing for Business is a fast paced Masterclass on the effective use of the written word in business today, and gives invaluable tips on making written communication clear, concise and consistently effective.

Covering the full range of business writing, this course will show participants how to write press releases, design eye catching advertisements as well as email etiquette, the paper pitch, report writing and more.

Participants will learn how to get started quickly, how to hook the reader, how to deliver the message, and how to get the response they want from all kinds of written communication.

writing for business

Get started quickly, how to hook the reader and how to deliver the message.

Take less time to write

Order thoughts in a logical and interesting way

Use uncomplicated language

Punctuate effectively

Avoid grammar disasters

Avoid overused words and expressions

Proof read properly (and not rely on spell-­-check!)

Self assess and edit effectively

Build in customer service to all written communication

Identify the audience

Get the readers attention

How and why to blog – WordPress and how to use it

The Business of Writing allows you to make your writing as clear and effective as it can be.

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