Did we shatter the glass ceiling in 2016?

Yesterday all around the world, women of every colour, creed and race joined forces to celebrate International Women’s Day. Although we may not be where we want to be in terms of gender equality (The World Economic Forum states this won’t be achieved until 2186) there has been significant leaps made by women across all […]

Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman….

Perhaps that statement is a bit strong and should be rephrased as ‘sometimes it’s harder to succeed if you’re a women’ – particularly in the corporate world. Take the recent Presidential race for example. On the one hand we had an experienced women with a long record of public service, the intellectual capacity to lead […]

Inspiring the masses at Pendulum

Phew! What a wonderful day we had at the Pendulum Summit last week. From the speakers to the content they shared, the whole day left our team exhilarated, motivated and ready to take on the year ahead. Looking around the room it was clear that every person  took away bucket loads of information  which i’m […]

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