These days we all have to work harder to attract new customers and to hold on to existing ones.  More and more often that involves pitching ourselves and our businesses to prospective clients, competing with many other companies which are trying to do the exact same thing!

And increasingly we have to pitch to VCs, banks and agencies to obtain the finance to drive our business forward – highly pressurised occasions with so much hanging in the balance.

Business man leading a business workshop. Corporate executive delivering a presentation to his colleagues during meeting or in-house business training. Business and entrepreneurship concept.

Life’s a Pitch is a tried and tested programme that gets results delivering real results for businesses of every size.

Solid material, a cohesive strategy, and smooth links from one presenter to another leave the client with no doubt that this is a highly skilled and committed group of people, who have put serious thought into the project and are really keen to take it forward.

This workshop gives a real understanding of effective communication when under pressure.

Plan and prepare an effective sales pitch

Select a team leader and strong skilled team

Tailor your message to your audience

Deliver your message in a way that really connects

Deal with awkward behaviours or challenging questions

Be memorable

Give the pitch a watertight closure and influence outcomes

Win new business

Life’s a Pitch wins contracts and finance!

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