Business has to engage, right now, with the challenge of improving diversity in the workplace. It is no longer a ‘wouldn’t it be nice’ scenario, but a ‘must do’ for economic, social and other reasons.

This seminar, tried and tested in major financial institutions, allows teams to question, challenge, and improve their own attitudes and behaviours, and then to bring the conversation to a wider audience.

It brings understanding and acceptance, and motivates teams to positively embrace cultural change.

gender diversity in the workplace

Gender Diversity in the Workplace gives pause for thought, and allows positive change to occur.

The facts as they are emerging

Barriers to advancement

The responsibility of the individual

Understanding micro discrimination

Why women leave the workforce

Nature or nurture

The responsibility of the organisation

Playing your part

After this session, you will have raised awareness around the challenges to full gender diversity and will be encouraged to do your part in effecting change.

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